DM04 7 layer co-extrusion high barrier shrink film
It is specially used to pack fresh red meat, poultry and cheese with more attractive  appearance and longer shelf life.
Envorinmental-protection, health and safety, no smell, no-pvdc, high barrier

properties, vacuuming, high heat shrinkage rate, perfect transparency and glossy, anti-puncture, feel very soft and good, high sealing strength, printable. The most important thing is it can keep the fresh water for the fresh meat, inhibit the propagation of bacteria, keep the original fresh taste and the natural color, and then prolong the shelf life.
Main Parameter Data
Properties Test Condition Unit Film, Bag and Tube Test Standard
Thickness 23 50% R.H micron 0-80  (standard 55 )    
Width 23 50% R.H mm 150-550   
Elongation 23 50% R.H


190/170 ASTM D-882
Tensile strength 23 50% R.H


20/20 ASTM D-882
Shrinkage 90 %(MD/TD) 35/35 ASTM D-2732
COF film to film    % 0.3 ASTM D-1894
Gloss   %(MD/TD) 138/140 ASTM D-2457

Barrier        CO2

25 50% R.H cc/day.atm 15 ASTM D-3985
Ability        O2 25 50% R.H cc/day.atm 22 ASTM F-1249
Usage condition Clip or heat seal shrink at 85-90 for 3-5 seconds
Availability Available in end seal, side seal. Suitable for packing a range of fresh and pocessed meats and poultry, cheese and seafood. Printing the standard colours clearly.

Values listed are average test values to be used for information purposes, subject to possible variations.
Recommended maximum temperature for long-term storage 25 up to one year.