Dongmei Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. produces polyolefin shrink film for the packaging industry. We produce shrink films for a variety of applications. These products include standard, hot-slip, high-speed soft, anti-fog, cross-linking, micro-perforation, color blocks, printing, barrier bags and other custom packaging shrink film.
Dongmei Packaging is a reliable, customer-oriented, flexible supplier of high quality polyolefin shrink film. We export products to

more than 40 countries and regions every year and have achieved high results.
The reputation of our esteemed customers. Since its establishment in 1999, Dongmei has passed ISO and SGS certification.
In 2016, Dongmei Packaging accepted the investment of local authorities and expanded its production scale by adding new blown film equipment. Due to changes in shareholder structure, Cinda (Shandong Xinda Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.) changed its name to high-quality polyolefin shrink film and served global buyers.
”°Dongmei Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.”± is the name registered by the company according to law. ”°Dongmei Packaging”± is the English abbreviation of the company. We only have two registered trademarks, as shown on this page.